Useful Information For New Maltese Owners


– Science Diet Puppy (small bite). A growing puppy will eat 1/4 cup or more a day.

– Cheerios for rewards and treats! They love them and they won’t cause staining.

– No table food!

General Care
– Comb hair at least once a day, up on a table with a rug on it. It is best to do this in the same place each time to start a grooming habit. Same for drying him or her. You will need a comb, pin brush, and a slicker brush. Watered down creame rinse can be used as a fine mist for comb outs. Always comb and brush out all tangles before the bath. Never towel dry… pat the towel on the puppy and the use a dryer and brush and comb until dry.

– Using people shampoo and conditioner is fine, but don’t use baby shampoo. It is too harsh. You can water down the shampoo and conditioner 2 to 1. A puppy can be washed as much as a few times a week or as little as one every 10 days. Never wash the puppy and go out in cold weather since their pores are still open and they can get sick like we do!

– Booster shot at 5 to 6 months. Rabies shot at 10 months. The shot is good for one year. Never give both shots the same time or day!

– Never give worm medications if the pup doesn’t have worms!

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