New Owner:
Natalie Baldwin

New Owner:
Suzanne Schuman


New Owner:
Sarah Bazey
Mrs. International 2012
Ham Lake, Minnesota


New Owner:
Paul and Barb Brecke
Lakefield, Minnesota


New Owner:
Nita Glenn
Elk River, Minnesota

Tray is 2.7lbs full grown and goes everywhere with Nita!


New Owner:
Faith Huey
Minneapolis, Minnesota


New Owner:
Jenny Estebo

Charlie is doing great and has been the perfect little dog! He is very smart, and has learned lots of tricks. He’s very cuddly and loves to come with us everywhere! We absolutely love him and are so glad he is a part of our family! Thank you so much!!!


New Owner:
Cindy Miller, Minnesota

Hi Sandy,

Thought you might like seeing Lacey and Jem, the best of friends!!


Just thought I’d send you a pic or two of the little wild child!! She loves the weather here and it’s a touch breezy today so her hair is a little messy. Which is pretty normal for Lacey, she’s a busy girl! She loves everyone she meets and antagonizes every dog she meets! She is such a joy and is now my only dog! My hubby kept the cavalier and my daughter has my griffon.


New Owner:
Mills, Minnesota

As most of you know we have a new Maltese terror living in our home……she really is a doll and we are enjoying spoiling her to death!!! Years ago we said “we won’t ever have a dog”, and now I can’t see our lives without one (although there are days)! Bella is just about 6 months old and up to 4 pds……shouldn’t be more than 5pds full grown.


New Owner:
Boni Lee, Florida

Snookums thought she would send you a picture seeing she can’t make the trip. She says she is used to this nice warm weather and doesn’t even think a sweater could keep her warm in your cold weather and she can’t imagine going outside to go potty in that white stuff with no booties or anything, she says I am a Princess and I am used to sitting up on pillows and being cute. Thank you for the invite though.

Love, Snookie


New Owner:
Kate Bartel, Minnesota

We received the information you sent in the mail. Thanks! Here is a picture of Obi. He is doing great and keeps us all on our toes! Thanks again.
Growing up!


New Owner:
Tracee Gibbs
Buffalo, MN

We sure love Louie! I hope the pictures will tell you a story..he is so playful and full of energy that he wins the heart of everyone he meets! He might even have more toys than the Grandbabies but he will not be one to dress up we found that out early on it drives him crazy to have clothes on even a bandana I got him for Halloween..that’s ok. Your girls and their dresses were hysterical! They probably have to get used to it but we are fine if we can just get a sweater on him when he goes to the Vet.


Mindy Sue
New Owner:
Nancy Jo Whitmore
Minneapolis, MN

She goes everywhere with Nancy in a Doggie purse!


Mischief and Molly
New Owner:
Debra Ttee
Excelsior, MN

New pups found their forever homes!
One will stay with Debbie and one will live in Florida with Debbie’s mother.


New Owner:
Seungmin Lee
Pittsburgh, PA

Hello. This is Seungmin Lee. I have him now. He is so adorable and cute!!!
I am attaching a picture here, and I will send you rest of the stuff as soon as possible.

Thank you so much!


Pixie and Yodi
New Owner:
Pat Glick
Shoreview, MN

Bogey and Britta
New Owner:
Joe Walsh
St Cloud, MN

They are just as beautiful as they were years ago.  Can’t believe they are 8!!! We had them test to be Therapy Dogs and they passed with flying colors! We take them to an Assisted Living and Memory Care facility and they are loved to death! They behave very well and bring so many smiles and so much joy to the residents.


New Owner:
Michelle Niska
Alexandria, MN

I thought I would send you some pictures of Latte’ to show you he is doing really well here. We really enjoy him and he seems to be enjoying it here. The kids really enjoy playing with him and taking care of him too. His best friend is a Labrador Retriever. Thanks again he is a real joy and great addition to our family!! Michelle

Dolce’s Mitzi Mae
We love little Mitzi to death! She is the sweetest, most loving little thing! She is about 10 1/2 months old
and weighs 3#, 8 oz. I try to take her everywhere I go, which includes sneaking her into the supermarket
in my purse (actually hers). Where ever we take her, people stop and comment on how cute she is, and we
really do think she is!

I sometimes think about getting another puppy, and if I ever do, I will buy from you…but, this way I am able to give all my love, affection and time to her. With another one, it would be harder to take them both with me. Will see.

Thank you for the sweetest puppy ever!

Gerald and Diane


New Owner:
Pat & Bob Kleber
New Owner:
Barb Newhouse
Salt Lake City, UT
New Owner: Katie Fleming
Chaska, MN
Dam – “Dolce’s Chantilly Lace” / Breeder: Sandra L Williams
Sire – “Ch Tootie’s Catch A Wave” / Breeder: Mildred D Rife

New Owner: Jason Watkins Family

Don’t you love those black points!!!
He is truly a wonderful puppy!! As you can see he has a gorgeous face!! He weighs 4.2# he has such a walk more like a real prance always wagging his tail. People always remark about how happy he is always- I tell them that he came that way I had nothing to do with it unfortuntately. I truly want to thank you for selling me such a wonderful puppy and a beautiful one also. THANK YOU, THANK YOU SO MUCH–MAY GOD BLESS –We LOVE him so!!!!!!!
New Owner:
Terry Swafford
Blaine, MN